11-11-2017 Show: Suicide Spirits
TONIGHT, in addition to the usual wild news . . .

Suicide Spirits: The gang seem to have disturbed the spirit of a woman who
killed herself near the studio over a hundred years ago... and there's a personal
connection to JPW! When a proposed date at the gravesite was called off, the restless
entity reaches out for Vance. Shocking continuing research into SoS field studies.

Hour 2. True stories behind Carolina ghost legends. More personal connections
to mountain tales exposed. The Jim and Belinda Brown Mountain Lights folklore
and supernatural events traced back to real people who provide tragic background.

Dark 30: Gruesome ghoul keeps a corpse in Florida. Men shot in the crotch
under awkward circumstances and a knife-wielding warrior fashions body armor
from nudie magazines. Not for the faint of heart!

Shopping Gudide

Meteorite Pendant: ~Pendant~

Wishing Machine: ~Machine~

Dracula Castle Rubble: ~Dracula~

Sunshine Simple Solar Generator: ~Solar~

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