6-10-2017 Show: Immortal Icons of Childhood Horror!
TONIGHT, in addition to the usual wild news . . .

Vance and Sam grew up in central Florida watching legendary horror
TV host Dr. Paul Bearer, who it turns out was born in Asheville. We discuss
his influence on their love of "horrible old movies" and the timeless dark beauty
of characters like Vampira and Elvira along with essential classic horror films like
"Night of the Living Dead."

PLUS Vance picks his son up from school in a hearse, the gang samples some
peculiar candy and a Cherokee legend bears marked similarities to the
Brown Mountain Lights.

Dark 30 features robot priests, a horseback ride through Wal-Mart and ladies
(in different incidents) asking police to give their drugs back. And you thought
you had a weird week?

To view Joshua's brand new report on the OUFOs, a New Discovery in the Bermuda
Triangle, visit: http://www.JoshuaPWarren.com


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