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Listen LIVE Saturday nights, 9pm-midnight on the U.S. east coast (New York time) via the stream at:

Vance Pollock is a historical journalist and researcher of neglected lore. He has long been fascinated by the unexplained and obscure facets of human experience. His self-propelled scholarship has found him cited in the footnotes of dozens of published books and articles dealing with an array of tempting topics generally overlooked in mainstream accounts. He is a recognized authority on 20th century alt-history and has travelled the globe and knocked the dust off countless forbidden texts in his quest for knowledge. Hosting Joshua P. Warren's "Speaking of Strange" offers him the honored opportunity to share further discoveries with a respected and deserving audience.

You may email Vance at:

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Report your breaking paranormal news and mysteries. Plus any other stories that are just downright weird! We could feature your information on one of our upcoming shows. "We don't just discuss the unexplained, we go in the field to investigate."

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How To Contact Us Speaking of Strange broadcasts Saturday nights, 9pm till Midnight ET on iHeart News Radio 570 WWNC in Asheville, North Carolina. 570 is the top-rated talk station in the entire region, directly reaching parts of four states (NC, SC, TN, and VA) and streaming live world-wide on the internet, podcast, and archived online.

Joshua P. Warren created this monster in January of 2002. In January of 2017, Joshua's colleague Vance Pollock took over hosting duties, though Joshua is still the show's owner and Executive Producer. It's the place to have a good time Saturday nights. We have friendly, respectful discussions with a wide variety of guests, and explore the weirdest, most outrageous news in the world. Field correspondents often bring us live reports from paranormal locations, and we enjoy airing strange audio, such as EVPs, cryptid sounds, and extraordinary noises in nature (like the rings of Saturn).

From normal to paranormal, satire to serious inquiry, Speaking of Strange is the show where the unusual becomes usual.


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